Posted on 23/03/2020 at 20:44

Cieza, as of March 23, 2020

Dear brothers of Cieza,

This year there will be no Easter processions. The difficult circumstances we are going through make it impossible for us to be able to enjoy together, in the streets, these days that we so long for, and for which we have worked so hard for twelve months. But Holy Week in Cieza, as we know it and want it, will return, God willing, more vital, more beautiful and more enriching than ever. We all dream of that moment, which will be unique and unforgettable, and we all have to be there to live it to the full.

But the fact that the processions do not take to the streets this year does not mean that we cannot keep the spirit of the brotherhood of Ciezano alive; the one that unites us all in a big family in which no one can feel alone, no matter how much they are confined within the four walls of their home. And for this reason, the first thing we would like to tell you is that we encourage you to decorate your balconies so that our people can dress up for Holy Week, and remind us that the processions will happen again, and that we are already looking forward to them with great enthusiasm.

In addition, we propose to join these days in the universal language of music, which is a fundamental element of our way of procession, and that we like so much. We want music to sound these days through the streets orphaned by processions, so that the melodies that cradle the Saints on their thrones on this occasion strengthen the bond between us, and feed that perfect symbiosis that Holy Week in Ciez has always had with its town.

We would like that, every day of Holy Week, from Friday of Sorrows to Easter Sunday, at a specific time, we go out onto the balcony and play, from our speakers or even from our phones, a specific march to flood with it until the last corner of Cieza, reminding us all that Easter continues and that we continue to be a great family. We would also like those who can light a stick of incense at that moment to purify the environment, and thus accompany our prayers to the Heads of the Cieza Brotherhoods for all those who are suffering, and for the speedy overcoming of this crisis.

This is the distribution of gears, as well as the hours of reproduction that we have prepared. All of them will be available at this address for reproduction from the Cieza Holy Week website.

Friday Night of Dolores (8:00 p.m.): Passion in Cieza

Passion Saturday Night (8:15 p.m.): Christ of Forgiveness

Palm Sunday morning (11:00 a.m.): Los Dormis

Palm Sunday afternoon (6:00 p.m.): Hymn Santo Cristo

Holy Monday night (9:30 p.m.): Callejuela de la O

Night of Holy Tuesday (9:00 p.m.): Tercio R Arrest Entrance

Holy Wednesday afternoon (6:00 p.m.): San Juan Pasodoble

Holy Wednesday afternoon (7:00 p.m.): Pasodoble of the Girls

Holy Wednesday Night (9:00 p.m.): The Evangelist

Holy Thursday afternoon (8:30 p.m.): Charity of Guadalquivir

Holy Thursday night (11:59 p.m.): Adagio

Good Friday morning (09:30 am): Penitente Ciezano

Good Friday afternoon (6:30 p.m.): Fidelity

Good Friday night (8:30 p.m.): Holy Week Ciezana

Early morning from Friday to Saturday S (11:00 p.m.): Signore delle Cime

Resurrection Sunday (11:00 a.m.): La Cortesía

We recommend that we all be playing the music at the same time that you do it from these links, every day at the appointed time.

Thank you all for your collaboration.

To Cieza for his Holy Week.