Night of Friday of Sorrows
Processional Transfer of the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows
Passion Saturday Morning
Transfer of the Most Holy Christ of Mercy
Saturday Passion Night
Processional Transfer of the Most Holy Christ of Forgiveness
Palm Sunday Morning
Procession of La Palma
Palm Sunday Afternoon
Transfer of the Santísimo Cristo del Consuelo
Holy Monday Night
Processional Way of the Cross of the Holy Christ of the Blood
Holy Tuesday Night
Act and Procession of the Arrest
Holy Wednesday Night
General Procession
Evening-night of Holy Thursday
Procession of the Children of Mary
Holy Thursday Night
Procession of Silence
Good Friday Morning
Procession of the Penitent
Good Friday Night
Procession of the Holy Burial
Early Morning from Good Friday to Holy Saturday
Procession of the Descent of Christ into Hell
Holy Saturday Afternoon
Children's Procession
Easter Sunday Morning
Courtesy and Procession of the Risen One