Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Cieza
Salón de Actos


The Cieza Town Hall, whose construction seems to have begun at the end of the 19th century, was completed in 1920.

Another of the key moments of this Town Hall was the placement of the shield of the Villa in that same year. According to investigations carried out on Cieza, he lacked a coat of arms on the date of 1579, in the Relation and Description of Felipe II it says as follows:

'That this town does not have a coat of arms, nor a coat of arms, that we know of or have heard of'

The oldest coat of arms of the city is preserved in the current Siyasa Museum, apparently it belonged to the Casa de la Encomienda belonging to the Order of Santiago.

There are several models of shields of the town, but in almost all of them the legend appears:

'For crossing the Bridge they gave us Death'. This motto seems to be related to the date of 1477, when the Nasrid troops of the Kingdom of Granada attacked the town and it was defended by the Ciezano population.