Iglesia de Santa Clara


The Church of Santa Clara is radically contemporary, designed by the architect Fran Giménez and built by Francisco Barceló in 2011.

The façade was designed by Pepe Lucas, which draws attention for its steel structures from which metal elements stand out, whose hardness is certainly not easy to reconcile with the riotous colors of its interiors, the walls are left bare, more than balancing the paint that creates a color atmosphere.

Local artists Paulina Real and Ana Almela and Manuel Leyva from Madrid, creators of the stained glass windows, as well as Manuel Bezunce and José Manuel Fernández, have also worked on the interiors.

Since 2015, it has housed a good number of images of Holy Week inside (Ntra. Sra. de la Amargura, Santa Verónica, San Pedro, the infantile passage of Santa María Magdalena, the Guide Cross of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Consuelo and on the altar you can see the Christ of the Expiration, the Virgin of Charity and its owner Santa Clara.