Teatro Capitol
Salón de Actos


On October 15, 1955, on the old grounds that had housed the “Cinema de Verano Delicias” since 1947, located in the central Martínez Montiel de Cieza neighborhood, the Capitol Theater saw the light of day. It was the dream and illusion of the businessman D. David Martínez Camacho, who together with his brother D. Cristóbal, wanted to provide the town of Cieza with one of the most beautiful theaters with the largest capacity in the region of Murcia and Spain, with more than 1500 seats.

The execution of this theater was entrusted to the architects D. Juan Vidal and D. Julio Ruiz Olmo. Outside they used the "rationalist" architectural style prevailing at that time (1925 -1965). The façade had six windows and four Doric pilasters. The windows are distributed in three rows, corresponding to the three access doors on the lower floor.

But it was inside, where the magic of it resided, in it the owners impregnated good taste and beauty to this unforgettable theater. It is worth noting the large rococo neoclassical lamp that hung from the center of the room, a crystal and bronze chandelier. It had one of the largest stages of the time, which allowed the public to have a great perspective of the scene and a wide orchestral pit, where the musicians were placed.

Enabled with panoramic screen and cinemascope with two Ossa projectors. The lighting was spectacular, not only the central lamp, the side sconces gave the theater a lavish elegance. Moldings on the ceiling, armchairs upholstered in velvet, numerous dressing rooms... How can we forget those stairs that led to the hall of the theater, where the dreams and desires of several generations were breathed.

Various companies from outside the region were used for its construction, highlighting the work of those masons from the town who built the walls of that factory of illusion and dreams. Along with them we must refer to Mr. José Ortiz Semitiel (painting and decoration), Mr. José María Gómez Cervantes (carpentry), Mr. José Bernal Puigcervet (plumbing), Mr. Miguel Aroca López (electrical installation) and of course not remember to the conductors, porters, ticket clerks, ushers... who were part of that great human team at the theatre.

They sold it in 1969 to the businessman Ciezano Aurelio Guirao. Later it passed into the hands of the businessman Andrés López who kept it open until the end of the 1980s. Finally, in August 1994, it would be acquired by the Cieza City Council. The remodeling works began in November 2009.

The project, drawn up by the architect Horacio Fernández del Castillo, has preserved the old façade of the building that gives access to the small hall for 150 seats and the main hall for 650 spectators, newly built, which is accessed from Pablo Iglesias street. .

Finally, on 06-07-2013, the new Capitol Theater was solemnly inaugurated by Queen Sofía. The Teatro Capitol de Cieza is a modern building designed to host all kinds of performing arts: theatre, concerts, classical music, opera, zarzuela, dance and even cinema.