"Always to Cieza, for its Holy Week"

Posted on 24/03/2023 at 09:36

With great joy I want to share with the entire Nazarene Ciezana family, and with all the inhabitants of this town, which is my town, that our Holy Week has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.

The immense happiness of these moments is what leads me, first and foremost, to say THANK YOU in capital letters to all those who, over five hundred years, have wanted to leave part of their lives during Holy Week. The merit of this recognition is in each brother, in each family, in each musician, in each artist, in each spectator. This recognition is the sum of the efforts of generations, and for this reason, now that we have arrived here, we are obliged to look back with respect, and say over and over again to all the processionists of our History: thank you for this legacy, which means so much for so many good people.

Of course, I would like to thank all the institutions, starting with the CIEZA City Council for their permanent drive and commitment to this endeavour, and also for the support of the Government of the Autonomous Community and finally the Government of Spain. I sincerely believe that this recognition does justice to a unique Holy Week, which is always open and always waiting for those who want to come and enjoy it.

I want to thank each of the eighteen Brotherhoods, and their sisters and brothers, their management teams and presidents, for their unwavering loyalty to the unity of this Board of Passionate Brotherhoods. Let no one be in any doubt, it is that unity, it is that sense of brotherhood that has brought us here: let us never renounce that bond, which is our greatest strength.

I also want to thank my colleagues on the board of directors, the current ones and also those who have been part of my team over the years, because I know to what extent wearing the black tunic is opening up to a world of satisfaction but also of complications. And for this reason I want to remind all those who have held positions of responsibility in this Board of Brotherhoods since the blessed moment of its foundation by Juan José Marco Banegas in 1914; And I especially want to remember those who worked so hard on the previous Declarations, my brother Pepe Gómez, and my predecessor, Rafael Salmerón.

I thank God for having allowed me to experience this moment as President of the Board of Brotherhoods, because I know to what extent by giving this news I am giving reasons for joy and celebration to my friends, my neighbors, my countrymen.

This is a historic Holy Week, let's live it with more enthusiasm than ever and the same commitment as always. And tomorrow let's continue working to continue growing, to continue learning, to continue making our way.

Always to Cieza, for his Holy Week.

Thank you.

Joaquin Gomez Rubio

President of the Board of Passionate Brotherhoods of Cieza.