Fifteen years calming the streets of Cieza

Posted on 04/03/2024 at 10:44

Yesterday, Sunday, early in the morning, the Royal Brotherhood of "Jesús -Nazareno-" held a solemn religious function, which was presided over by "La Coronación de Espinas" on the occasion of its 15th Anniversary. This was held in the Basilica of "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción"  by the Rev. Mr. José Antonio García López, Counselor of the Brotherhood.

During the course, the work of so many people who made the commissioning of this new step possible was praised. Also, at the end of this, Antonio José Villa Vázquez received a souvenir for being the author of this year's "El Prendimiento" poster; and AEPISMI, received a check with the proceeds from the charity concer.

To conclude, "AM Medina Siyasa" delighted the public with a heartfelt concert of procession marches. This, on its XXXV Anniversary, received a souvenir for its work and dedication to Holy Week in Cieza.

Header photo of Manuel Carpio.
Photographs from the Board of Passionate Brotherhood's archive gallery.