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Posted on 19/03/2024 at 12:21

This past Sunday, March 17, Passion Sunday, the Holy Week Proclamation Acts of Cieza 2024 took place, which began at ten in the morning with the Call Act in the Plenary Hall of the Cieza City Council , which was attended by Authorities and representatives of the Brotherhoods, as well as members of the Board. During said Act, and as is traditional, the Hon. Mr. Mayor the permission to parade and occupy the streets during Holy Week.

The Processional Transfer of the Banners began at half past ten in the morning, taking place along the traditional route of the night along with some sections of the morning route, and with the musical accompaniment of the "Sones de Pasión" Musical Group, the Association Cultural and Musical "Tal y Cual", and the Cieza Municipal Music Band.

Within the protocol acts, at eleven fifteen in the morning and at the Monument to the Nazarene of Holy Week in Cieza, the tribute to the deceased Cieza processionists was carried out.

At a quarter past twelve at noon, after the solemn entry of the Banners into the Basilica of "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción", packed with people like every year, the ciezana Mrs. María Dolores García Lucas, graduate in Hispanic Philology, gave an intense and moving Proclamation with which the Holy Week of Cieza 2024 was proclaimed.

At the end of the Pregón, the Cieza Municipal Band performed in the traditional Pregón Concert, the compositions "Amarte" by Víctor Manuel Ferrer, "El Alma de una vara" by Diego Molina, and "Semana Santa Ciezana" by Maestro Gómez Villa.

After the event, the traditional Brtoherhood Meal was held, during which honor was paid to Crier Mrs. María Dolores García Lucas, to the Nazarene of the Year Mr. Manuel Sánchez Sánchez, and to the Presidents of the eighteen Brotherhoods that make up the Board of Passionate Brotherhoods. Likewise, a conmemorative plaque was presented to the Cieza City Council, as with the Brotherhoods, for the declaration of Holy week in Cieza of International Tourist Interest.

Photographs from the Board of Passionate Brotherhoods of Cieza's archive gallery.