Procession of La Palma
Palm Sunday Morning


Participating, in addition to the titular Brotherhood of the Pass The Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, Brothers of the other seventeen Ciezana Brotherhoods dressed in their respective clothing, Clergy, Authorities, and people in general, all carrying palms and olive branches.


The La Palma Procession is not only one of the most popular of Holy Week, but it also turns this Sunday morning into one of the most joyous and festive of the Ciezano annual calendar. It is the only Procession attended by the eighteen Brotherhoods that make up the Board of Passion Brotherhoods, represented by a good number of Brotherhoods, many of them children, each one dressed in their respective tunic. They go out into the streets to meet the people, who look forward to a parade full of light and color, enlivened by happy pasodobles. The forest of palms and olive branches announces the arrival of the Entry Pass of Jesus in Jerusalem, popularly known as "La Burrica", perhaps the best and most popular work of the sculptor Manuel J. Carrillo Marco from Ciez, in a Procession that has its time culminating in its passage, truly triumphant, along the Paseo. The elegance and unmistakable way in which the anderos of the Brotherhood carry "La Burrica" at an ordinary pace is another of the attractions of this great ciezan festival.


Plaza Mayor, San Pedro, Cánovas del Castillo, Buitragos, San Sebastián, Esquina del Convento, Paseo (left margin), Salvador Seguí, Buen Suceso, Angostos, Tercia, Santo Cristo, Cánovas del Castillo, San Pedro, Plaza Mayor and Cartas.