Procession of the Children of Mary
Evening-night of Holy Thursday


The only Procession conceived for the absolute prominence of the Virgin Mary, within the framework of a solemn parade in which she participates, together with the Third of Nazarenes of the Brotherhood that is in procession, a Third of "Manolos" and "Manolas", dressed in the traditional Spanish mourning, and the arrangement of the mantle of the Image, Our Lady of Grace and Hope, made exclusively with flowers and natural plants according to a design that is created each year with the most varied aesthetic ideas. The whole procession of the Children of Mary is characterized by its long and very participative procession, by the silence and seriousness that the Brotherhood imposes on its way through the streets crowded with spectators, and by the very presence of "Our Lady of Grace and Hope”, of great devotion among ciezanos; The only Image that parades under a canopy during Holy Week in Cieza, with a captivating majesty that turns the evening of Holy Thursday into an essential event that frames the impeccable solemnity of the procession with a massive popular following.


On the afternoon of Holy Thursday, an atmosphere in which Holy Week is the protagonist is breathed throughout the town, because it is the first holiday and therefore the first opportunity for many absent ciezanos to meet again with their Processions and friends and neighbors always. This, together with the tradition of wearing the best finery on Holy Thursday to go visit the Eucharistic Monuments that are exhibited in all the Churches, makes the Marian Procession par excellence one of the most crowded on the sidewalks, also conditioned by the interest that is always aroused by contemplating the Third of Manolas and Manolos accompanying the Virgin. In this sense, it is highly recommended for any visitor to wait for the Procession in the Corner of the Convent, in whose vast space hundreds of visitors will come together enjoying the atmosphere of a great event that is breathed in the street. In addition, in the Procession one of the secrets that arouses the most interest among the public is revealed: the design that the Virgin's cloak will carry under her canopy, made exclusively with floral and vegetable resources, and which they have been making since the very first hour of the morning. the Brothers of the Brotherhood themselves, who will leave a trail of unmistakable fragrance that is already part of the traditional scene of Holy Thursday in Ciez. On the other hand, it is interesting to point out that the Image of "Our Lady of Grace and Hope", which has widespread devotion, is the oldest sculptural creation of Holy Week in Cieza of all those carved in the Villa itself, a work by Manuel Carrillo García and dating from the 1930s, being the only surviving work by the man who was the head of a family of artists whose last name will always honor Ciezanos.


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