Transfer of the Most Holy Christ of Mercy
Passion Saturday Morning


The great popular devotion for the Stmo. Christ of Mercy led the Samaritan Brotherhood to organize this small Transfer from the Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption around 12 at night, where he receives worship, to the House of Saints, from where he will participate in the Good Friday Procession. But this transfer is conceived as a visit of the Image through the Barrio de la Asunción, the oldest in Cieza. All the usual elements of the Processions (throne, music, flower, lighting) are dispensed with to achieve an atmosphere of total recollection, in which anyone can approach the Christ to carry it directly on their shoulders. Upon the arrival of the Image at the House of Saints, it is enthroned in the Paso de La Lanzada.


Undoubtedly, the total austerity distinguishes this parade among all the others, whose only sound is the bell that precedes the procession and that announces the arrival of Christ, one of the masterpieces of its author, José Antonio Hernández Navarro. The possibility that any neighbor or visitor can approach to carry the Image confers a popular flavor within the seclusion that presides over the procession, which without a doubt must be waited for by the narrow and steep streets of Cabezo de la Era, not visited by the others Ciezan processions, which offer in the silence and darkness of the night a picture that would be said of other times.


Basílica de Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción, Plaza Mayor, Hoz, Barco, San Bartolomé, Placeta del Santo, La Parra, Rincón de los Pinos, Pinos, Bartolo Lopo, Desamparados, Cabezo, Nueva, Esquina del Cantón, Buitragos, Empedrá, Barco and Cánovas del Castillo.