Cofradía de Ánimas

Foundation year: 1997
Anderos: 46. Nazarenos: 75.
Collaborators: 45.


Since the 16th century, there is knowledge of the existence in Cieza of a Brotherhood of Souls dedicated to the cult of the deceased and charitable works, which in 1756 had a good number of rustic properties under lease that were the objects of subsequent confiscations. The Brotherhood, which tends to thin out until it disappears well into the 20th century, had its own chapel in the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and may have even given its name to a small square in the old part of the city.

With the same title, but now with a post-conciliar character, the current Brotherhood of Souls was founded in 1997, which will establish in 2001 the Procession of the Descent of Christ into Hell, a Procession presided over by austerity, seclusion and silence. .

For her, the Murcian sculptor José Hernández Navarro will carve the Image of Jesus Opening the Gates of Hell and the Murcian sculptor who lives in Madrid Antonio Soriano Talavera a wooden throne in which scenes from the Old Testament and the Apocalypse are represented, and which is completed with four bronze cauldrons, made by Artesanía Limón, which emerge from the mouths of as many gargoyles at each of the ends of the throne and whose fire is the only illumination of the Pass.

The Brotherhood wears a tunic made of burlap, cinched by an esparto cincture, sandals and a black “executioner” cap attached to the neck by a halter. Its parade is presided over by a wooden guide Cross, made by the Brothers themselves, and by a forged censer that, carried by four of them, parades between the two rows of penitents who with their torches illuminate the procession route.

Cofradía de Ánimas
Jesús abriendo las puertas de los Infiernos