Ermita del Santo Cristo del Consuelo

This hermitage, located on a hill outside the walls, was originally a simple humiliadero. On this, the construction of a hermitage began in 1612, under the invocation of Calvary, as well as a Way of the Cross, of which remains are still preserved today, in the section of the Camino de Castilla that led from the town to said hill to finish on its slopes. Finished the works of the hermitage at the latest in 1614 are located in it a Crucified, the Christ of Calvary, and an Image of the Virgin of Good Success, which will later be named Patron Saint of Cieza. The small hermitage was demolished in the second half of the s. XIX to build the current one, neo-Gothic style and larger, which will be completed in 1879. Although the hermitage also continued to house the Image of the Virgen del Buen Suceso until 1963, popular devotion, however, consecrated it definitively to the aforementioned crucified, highly venerated by the ciezanos, already under the invocation of Santísimo Cristo del Consuelo. Since the end of the s. XIX and until the middle of the s. XX housed in its interior a good number of Pasos de Semana Santa (Santo. Cristo del Consuelo, San Juan, San Pedro, La Samaritana, Jesus Resurrected...); Today the Cristo del Consuelo continues to be guarded inside.