50 years of history in the Mediterranean
The Board of Passionate Brotherhoods was present at the commemorative events of the 50th Anniversary of the Unione Maestranze of Trapani
Food delivery to the "Piedras Vivas" Association
The Board's Charity Committee delivered the food collected at the Patron Saint's mass in May to the "Piedras Vivas" Association
"The Passion, through the senses" at the night of the museums
Discover "The Passion, through the senses": Sensory route in the House-Museum of Holy Week in Cieza
Flower and food campaign
The Board of Passionate Brotherhoods invites all ciezanos to go this Saturday to offer flowers to Mary
The eternal gratitude of the ciezanos
The Brotherhood of the "Santísimo Cristo del Consuelo" shows the public all the barrels of the sacred Image, in a wonderful exhibition
Holy Week House-Museum schedule
Starting today, Saturday, April 13, the "Casa de los Santos" will be open to the public on weekends
A full weekend of Forgiveness
This past weekend the Brotherhood celebrated the commemorative events of its 50th anniversary
Mister José Luis Parada will proclaim the Easter Proclamation tomorrow
The priest Mr. José Luis Parada, director of the magazine "Verdad y Vida", will announce tomorrow the mystery of the Resurrection of Christ
Transfer - Processional of the "Santísima Virgen de los Dolores"
After the Holy Mass, Pascual Sánchez Gómez was named Brother of Honor of the Brotherhood
Under the Protection of "María Santísima de la Soledad"
After the Holy Mass, Pascual López Herrero was named Brother of Honor of the Brotherhood
Rules of the XXXVII "Holy Week of Cieza 2025" Poster Contest
The Board of Passionate Brotherhoods of Cieza announces the XXXVII Poster Contest "Holy Week of Cieza 2025"
The "Dormis" restore their heritage
The Brotherhood of the "Oración del Huerto" and the "Santo Sepulcro" presents to its brothers and Holy Week the elaboration and restoration of its rich heritage