III Solidarity Night Walk 2023
Next Saturday, June 3, will be the III Solidarity Night Walk 2023, for the benefit of AMEFIR and AFEMCE.
The Spring of the World
Chronicle from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday.
The Portico of Glory
Chronicle of Holy Week in Cieza from Palm Sunday to Holy Wednesday.
Chronicle of the Holy Week Proclamation
Chronicle of the Holy Week Proclamation.
Bases of the XXXVI Poster Contest Holy Week in Cieza 2024
The Board of Passionate Brotherhoods of Cieza announces the XXXVI Holy Week Poster Contest of Cieza 2024.
Tickets of the Act of Arrest
Collection of tickets for the Prendimiento next Holy Monday.
Photographers accreditations
Collection of accreditation of photographers at the House-Museum of Holy Week in Cieza.
XXVII Regional Drawing Contest Holy Week of Cieza 2023
Decision of the jury of the afternoon of the XXVII Regional Drawing Contest Easter of Cieza 2023.
Acts of the Holy Week Proclamation
Acts of the Proclamation of the Holy Week of Cieza 2023, tomorrow Sunday, March 26.
On sale the magazine El Anda
Starting tomorrow, Saturday March 25, you can buy the magazine El Anda, for the price of €10.
Conference on the restoration of San Pedro
Last night, Thursday March 23, the restoration of the Image of Saint Peter the Apostle was presented.
"Always to Cieza, for its Holy Week"
Words of the president of the Board of Passionate Brotherhoods in relation to the Declaration of International Tourist Interest.