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The graceful gesture of "San Juan" presides over the Holy Mass of the Brotherhood
The carving of "San Juan" already awaits a new Holy Wednesday, after his Holy Mass in suffrage for the souls of the deceased of the Brotherhood
Fifteen years calming the streets of Cieza
The Royal Brotherhood of "Jesús -Nazareno-" held a solemn religious function on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of "La Coronación de Espinas" pass
Manuel Sánchez, Nazarene of the Year 2024: son of Mary and processionist of Holy Week in Cieza
After the presentation of "El Anda", Manuel Sánchez Sánchez received the heartfelt tribute from the attendees for his immeasurable work for Holy Week in Cieza
A traditional snapshot of "San Juan" in the Holy Burial Procession stars in "El Anda" 2024
Enrique Centeno and Fernando Molina presented "El Anda" 2024, where they had in mind the eighteen copies that complete the history and the third edition of the traditional magazine
New souvenirs of the Patron Saint and Holy Week
The new souvenirs of the Patron Saint and Holy Week of Cieza are now available
Solemn religious function and Enthronement of the "Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía"
The enthroned "Cristo de la Agonía" already awaits a new Holy Thursday

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