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Chronicle of the Twinning in Trapani
Last weekend, Holy Week in Cieza is twinned with an Italian Holy Week, with that of Trapani.
First program Hora Cofrade in Cieza
After the presentation of the Acts Guide, the recording of the Hora Cofrade program took place, premiering today on its YouTube channel.
Presentation of the Acts Guide 2023
Presentation of the Guide to Events and Activities for Holy Week in Cieza 2023, carried out by the Ser Murcia chain.
Twinning promotional video
Promotional video of the Twinning between the Board of Passionate Brotherhoods of Cieza and the Unione Maestranze di Trapani.
Concert by the San Sebastián de Padul Band
On February 11, Víctor Manuel Ferrer Castillo will give Cieza a march dedicated to his Holy Week.
Guide to Acts 2023
Presentation of the Guide to Acts of 2023

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